Meet the Biggestleaf Travel Team




I was always passionate about travel and tourism. It started at an early age where I spent a lot of time travelling around South Africa. I was particularly interested in wildlife and nature. Biggestleaf started out as a marketing company focused on the tourism industry. Biggestleaf Travel evolved from there. I keep looking for new innovative ways to do business in an industry that I’m passionate about.
Our work and company cultures are extremely important. We believe in investing in our staff; they’re our biggest asset. We believe in ethical values of integrity, honesty, fairness and respect and creating an open environment where staff can express themselves. We believe this will translate into a successful business relationship with our clients and suppliers. We also believe in embracing innovation and using that to deliver the best possible product and service to our clients.
Seeing the staff and clients empowered on all levels. Having a company that has grown and given opportunities to all walks of life. Seeing people experience positive change in their lives, a change that hopefully allowed them to experience many new things in life. Building a business that employees are proud to be a part off, having clients that keep coming back and suppliers that want to work with us. Getting positive feedback from clients and suppliers on their experience with Biggestleaf excites me and is huge motivating factor to keep getting better.

Marketing Manager

I am passionate about travel, innovation and bringing positive change to the world. I love exploring unfamiliar places, meeting new people and I love being able to share my experiences with others.
I chose Biggestleaf Travel because I can combine my passions and live them out to the fullest potential. I also love the ethos of the company, everyone gives their best to achieve maximum results – it’s really an environment I thrive in!
I am the marketing manager of the company and my role entails coordinating all the marketing activities and making sure that we get positive results.
I have always loved marketing and I enjoy the creativity and logical thinking it requires. Strategizing is a passion of mine, and I get immense satisfaction from being involved in a project from conceptualization to delivery.
Working with my team and having meaningful conversations and discussions.

Product Manager

I grew up travelling and still love it; making new memories and impressions. Africa, being home, has a special place in my heart, I feel the colours, animals and people of this continent have so much vibrancy, life and passion that it just drags you along for the ride and in between the vast spaces feed your soul.
At Biggestleaf I found a space for growth, innovation and people with a similar passion to mine, which makes the exchange so much more personal.
As a Product & Marketing Manager, I get to oversee contracting, maintaining relationship with current products and finding new ones, training consultants on these products, and negotiating specials for the company. I also work with the marketing team by providing them with product information and updates for our various campaigns.
Because travelling is a personal passion – works starts feeling less like work and more like keeping up with potential new holiday venues. I enjoy working with people who are passionate about a common goal, showcasing the best Africa has to offer.
The atmosphere is the office is great, I am lucky to have super colleagues. Happiness for me is when I can assist one of my colleagues or a client with a potential issue and we resolve it so that everyone walks away smiling or when I find a wonderful new gem to load to our product range.


I love to spend a cold evening curled up on the couch with a glass of wine, my cat and a good book.

I am very passionate about interior décor and design so, I have had an absolute ball doing up the Biggestleaf Travel offices.

I came from working at home, so when I met Robert and the team I was instantly drawn to the amazing atmosphere and family environment of Biggestleaf Travel. I was also looking for a new challenge and with the ever-growing nature of the business it has been an adventure.
I am responsible for the full accounting function. Compiling management reports, payroll, statutory matters and any SARS requirements.
I have always been loved accounting and as such it seemed to be a no-brainer to go into it as a career.
Sitting together with my fellow staff members and catching up on what they are up to always makes for a fun and entertaining lunch-hour.


I am a bit of an outdoor nut! I am incredibly passionate about pushing myself, staying active and enjoying being active outdoors
I live around the corner so no traffic is a great plus (wink), but what I loved the most, when I first arrived at Biggestleaf Travel, was the warm, open and inviting atmosphere Robyn and Robert had cultivated. It’s very easy to love your job when your team is so fantastic!
My position is Bookkeeper/Administrator.

I work closely with Robyn in doing all the invoicing of all bookings, reporting, creditor recons, payments and general administration functions. I guess you would say I’m better with numbers than words.

I have a passion for figures and enjoy organising things, I love being able to make a positive contribution to such a great company.
Opening the blinds first thing in the morning and looking at our gorgeous view of the mountain -it’s my absolute favourite!

Travel Consultants


Travel Consultant

I am passionate about art, animals and family. I try to live my life by dreaming big and working towards my goals.
I knew Robert from when I was still working at a different tour operator – long before Biggestleaf Travel existed. Although I was hesitant to change companies, I really enjoyed the fact that Robert was always eager to listen and give advice – he promoted an open-door policy. So, decided to move over to Biggestleaf Travel in the hopes of finding something ‘ever-lasting’. A company where you are respected, treated equally and listened to.
I mainly arrange packages for guests that dream of visiting Madikwe Game reserve or Pilanesberg National Park.
I enjoy working online and planning people’s holidays for them.
The best part of my day is dealing with happy clients.

Travel Consultant

I’m passionate about making a difference. When I’m involved with a project at work, I want to do my best to achieve success. I feel the same way about everything I do in my personal life. I always try to be a better person and to be happy and full of smiles and laughter.
My sister started working at Biggestleaf Travel 3 months before I started working here. Quina always came home smiling and raving about her fantastic place of work. I really wanted to be a part of such an awesome team that left one feeling so inspired and content – it didn’t take me long to request an interview with Robert.
I am a travel consultant for Pilanesberg National Park.

I sell various types of accommodation and also do transfers to and from the Pilanesberg.

I enjoy assisting my clients and finding them the perfect accommodation that suits their needs.

I especially enjoy last minute bookings, as I always love taking on a challenge.

What I enjoy most is when I work with happy clients and get valuable feedback. I enjoy making a lot of bookings, and feel motivated when I am able to beat my target from the previous day. I also love the fact that all our colleagues get along so well and that our work environment is a happy one.

Travel Consultant

I have had a growing passion for travel since I was very young. My curiosity with what the world had to offer was ignited as a child as our family spent a year travelling the globe – it seemed like a magical adventure.
I thoroughly enjoy helping couples, families and special friends plan an unforgettable holiday that they’ll look back on and remember for years to come.
I am a travel consultant for Pilanesberg National Park; I book accommodation and activities within the park. I also do my best to share insider tips with our passionate clients.
The best thing about my job is getting to be a tiny part of someone’s larger process of creating memories. I love assisting people and I especially enjoy hearing back from my clients about their unforgettable time at the park.
I love the office banter and social environment in our office. We are encouraged to work hard but play hard too – it’s great working for a company that helps you find the perfect ‘balance’.

Travel Consultant

I love being in nature, birdwatching and taking long walks with my hubby and dog.
Robert approached me at a time when I was ready for a change and I couldn’t say no. I was excited to work at a growing company where I could sell the places I really love.
I am a senior consultant selling lodges in the Madikwe Game Reserve. I work well with the other products in our range and can help wherever I’m needed.
I’ve been lucky enough to travel throughout South Africa and know what a truly special place we live in – if I can help other people see just what I see I am happy.
I enjoy the camaraderie with my colleagues and when I deal with people who are excited to visit the places we sell.

Travel Consultant

I am passionate about travel, music, cooking, animals, quality time spent with friends and family and finding a good balance of all these special things.
I was referred to Biggestleaf Travel by a close friend of mine, she told me her awesome company was looking for a new consultant and well, here I am.
Our key role as travel consultants is to plan and book holidays for our clients so that they can effortlessly experience some of the most amazing holiday destinations our beautiful country has to offer.
Travelling through beautiful South Africa, and experiencing the bush are two things I feel everyone should have the chance to enjoy. I love being able to offer our guests the opportunity to see and experience everything that comes with being in the bush and our amazing country. From the delicious food and incredibly vast wildlife to the spectacular African sunsets, we sure do have it all.
As we spend most of our day at work, it is very important to me to have a great environment and team to work with – Biggestleaf Travel definitely has both of these. From the quirky office characters to our awesome coffee station, each day is a pleasant one.

Golf Specialist

I have a great love for our beautiful country; I’m passionate about safari conservation and of course I’m a major lover of the game of golf. I believe that by combining these wonderful experiences we’re making South Africa a bucket list destination for many!
The company’s ethos, centers on our clients’ dreams coming true – playing a part in making that happen offers me a major sense of accomplishment.
Managing the golf-safari division; ensuring that we arrange and secure the best possible experience available at the highest level of service.
Golf and wildlife have and always will be my passion. So, being able to offer our clients the opportunity to experience both awesome activities in our beautiful country is winning combination for me.
Getting the opportunity to interact with new clients from various parts of the world and helping them to plan an unforgettable, one-in-a-life-time experience that they will remember for years to come.

Development Team


Design & Development

I love to be creative and come up with innovative ideas and designs whether it be for websites / marketing / music or woodwork. I am also passionate about travel, safaris, wildlife photography and going for a cruise on my bike.
Biggestleaf Travel is a combination of the things I already love doing and it’s great to be a part of the team with similar interests and goals.
I am responsible for development and updating of the website, designs for display Ads, Newsletters etc. I also stay on top of the latest development and design trends to make sure we are always innovative.
I have always been interested in design from an early age and being able to create something that not only looks good but also serves a purpose. So, I followed my passion and learnt how to write code and combine it with design.
The comradery with my coworkers. We all work hard and play hard together creating a great working environment to be in.

SEO & Content Management

I’m passionate about helping people firstly understand and then grow their online presence. It’s rewarding to see business expand their online offering with strategic online real estate.
Innovation excites me, and Biggestleaf Travel is constantly innovating the online travel industry in South Africa.
I am the Search Analyst, which means I use various channels (mostly organic and paid) to drive targeting traffic and leads to our websites. My role mostly deals with our SEO and PPC strategies and the implementation of these.
I like the ever-changing digital environment and the growth that comes with that. I also love helping people, especially fellow South Africans, understand and grow their online presence.
I enjoy trying out innovative ideas and technologies. I also love putting together strategies and then seeing the results of those once executed.

Social Media & Travel Writer


Content & Travel Writer

Africa and all its secrets. The bush, the animals, the people, the culture. Africa runs through my veins.
Biggestleaf has unique innovations and fantastic ideas. They are looking at moving into the future rather than getting left behind. The people are genuine, and the boss passionate.
I write. I write things. I write all the things. And I love it. I write blogs, web content, social media posts, articles and more. Biggestleaf allows my creativity to flow – and I follow a project from concept to pitch to research to writing, and all the way to the final product.
I am able to put my passions to use, and to use them together. Writing inspires me, and writing about Africa fills me with passion. It’s a symbiotic relationship that keeps my creativity burning.
When I write my own original stuff, in my own voice, and get lost in the process as the words run away with me.