Biggestleaf Social Development

Here at Biggestleaf, we believe that our services and our skills should not only have a positive impact on our valued clients, but on South Africa and its inhabitants. We want to do this by giving back to our community and environment. We have several projects that we are working on – both from a social development point of view and also an environment – offering valuable support to young South African innovators, entrepreneurs and gamechangers who share our passion, ambition and integrity.

We aim to build sustainable and mutually-beneficial relationships and empower fellow South Africans by sharing our considerable expertise in tourism, media and online marketing with some of the country’s bright young minds, whilst simultaneously learning from them, so we can move South Africa forward together.

Among other things, we’ve helped our social development partners by building their websites, making promotional videos about their work, taking high quality images and generating press articles.

If you’d like to know more about the different projects we are working with you can follow this link or watch some of the videos below.

And if you’d like to have a different kind of travel experience or give something back during your stay in South Africa, you can contact us to contribute or get involved.