Meet the Biggestleaf Travel Team




I was always passionate about travel and tourism. It started at an early age where I spent a lot of time travelling around South Africa. I was particularly interested in wildlife and nature. Biggestleaf started out as a marketing company focused on the tourism industry. Biggestleaf Travel evolved from there. I keep looking for new innovative ways to do business in an industry that I’m passionate about.
Our work and company cultures are extremely important. We believe in investing in our staff; they’re our biggest asset. We believe in ethical values of integrity, honesty, fairness and respect and creating an open environment where staff can express themselves. We believe this will translate into a successful business relationship with our clients and suppliers. We also believe in embracing innovation and using that to deliver the best possible product and service to our clients.
Seeing the staff and clients empowered on all levels. Having a company that has grown and given opportunities to all walks of life. Seeing people experience positive change in their lives, a change that hopefully allowed them to experience many new things in life. Building a business that employees are proud to be a part off, having clients that keep coming back and suppliers that want to work with us. Getting positive feedback from clients and suppliers on their experience with Biggestleaf excites me and is huge motivating factor to keep getting better.


My family, Africa (yes, I know it’s a whole continent but what a continent it is!), travel and sharing a love for travel with my kids, coffee and excel (I’m a bit of a nerd) – in that order 😉
I’m the CEO’s wife (read: boss), so it was a natural choice! Jokes aside, I am so incredibly proud to be part of a company that is so focused on people, be it clients or staff. It feels like home to me.
I deal with everything numbers related and the all the legal stuff.
I am an analytical person and I love paying attention to the detail and my role requires just that.
Walking into the office and hearing the happy buzz from the team.

Marketing Manager

I am passionate about travel, innovation and bringing positive change to the world. I love exploring unfamiliar places, meeting new people and I love being able to share my experiences with others.
I chose Biggestleaf Travel because I can combine my passions and live them out to the fullest potential. I also love the ethos of the company, everyone gives their best to achieve maximum results – it’s really an environment I thrive in!
I am the marketing manager of the company and my role entails coordinating all the marketing activities and making sure that we get positive results.
I have always loved marketing and I enjoy the creativity and logical thinking it requires. Strategizing is a passion of mine, and I get immense satisfaction from being involved in a project from conceptualization to delivery.
Working with my team and having meaningful conversations and discussions.

Product Manager

I grew up travelling and still love it; making new memories and impressions. Africa, being home, has a special place in my heart, I feel the colours, animals and people of this continent have so much vibrancy, life and passion that it just drags you along for the ride and in between the vast spaces feed your soul.
At Biggestleaf I found a space for growth, innovation and people with a similar passion to mine, which makes the exchange so much more personal.
As a Product & Marketing Manager, I get to oversee contracting, maintaining relationship with current products and finding new ones, training consultants on these products, and negotiating specials for the company. I also work with the marketing team by providing them with product information and updates for our various campaigns.
Because travelling is a personal passion – works starts feeling less like work and more like keeping up with potential new holiday venues. I enjoy working with people who are passionate about a common goal, showcasing the best Africa has to offer.
The atmosphere is the office is great, I am lucky to have super colleagues. Happiness for me is when I can assist one of my colleagues or a client with a potential issue and we resolve it so that everyone walks away smiling or when I find a wonderful new gem to load to our product range.

Travel Manager

I love being in nature, birdwatching and taking long walks with my hubby and dog.
Robert approached me at a time when I was ready for a change and I couldn’t say no. I was excited to work at a growing company where I could sell the places I really love.
I am a senior consultant selling lodges in the Madikwe Game Reserve. I work well with the other products in our range and can help wherever I’m needed.
I’ve been lucky enough to travel throughout South Africa and know what a truly special place we live in – if I can help other people see just what I see I am happy.
I enjoy the camaraderie with my colleagues and when I deal with people who are excited to visit the places we sell.



Financial Manager

While I’m a numbers-orientated person, I’m also really active. I am passionate about sports and keeping fit so, in my downtime you’ll either find me watching a game or playing one. And then, of course, there’s the fluffy side of my personality that adores animals – so working for a travel company that specialises in wildlife safaris is a bonus!
The company centres itself around innovation and change. So, the potential to grow along-side such an exciting company really attracted me to the brand.
I’m responsible for reporting the finances and position of the company – but most people know me as the guy who makes sure everything, and everyone gets paid.
I have a love for numbers and analysing what they mean. I enjoy the challenge of working things out and verifying the daily checks and balances.
Getting the opportunity to improve on the work I have done the day before. I’m somewhat of a perfectionist like that!


I am a bit of an outdoor nut! I am incredibly passionate about pushing myself, staying active and enjoying being active outdoors
I live around the corner so no traffic is a great plus (wink), but what I loved the most, when I first arrived at Biggestleaf Travel, was the warm, open and inviting atmosphere Robyn and Robert had cultivated. It’s very easy to love your job when your team is so fantastic!
My position is Bookkeeper/Administrator.

I work closely with Robyn in doing all the invoicing of all bookings, reporting, creditor recons, payments and general administration functions. I guess you would say I’m better with numbers than words.

I have a passion for figures and enjoy organising things, I love being able to make a positive contribution to such a great company.
Opening the blinds first thing in the morning and looking at our gorgeous view of the mountain -it’s my absolute favourite!

Debtors Clerk

I’m passionate about my little boy, Logan who brightens up every day with his enquiring mind and sweet little comments. I’m so excited to introduce him to the world of travel and exploration!
I chose Biggestleaf because I liked the vibe and energy of this innovative company. Everybody seems to be on the same page; it’s great to work with like-minded people.
I’m the debtors clerk. I do everything related to debtors.
I love numbers and working within a team. I am a detailed orientated person and I love a challenge, so I feel very at home in my role here at Biggestleaf.
Opening the blinds in my office and seeing the view of the mountains in the morning – it’s truly a great space to work in!

Travel Consultants


Travel Consultant

I am passionate about art, animals and family. I try to live my life by dreaming big and working towards my goals.
I knew Robert from when I was still working at a different tour operator – long before Biggestleaf Travel existed. Although I was hesitant to change companies, I really enjoyed the fact that Robert was always eager to listen and give advice – he promoted an open-door policy. So, decided to move over to Biggestleaf Travel in the hopes of finding something ‘ever-lasting’. A company where you are respected, treated equally and listened to.
I mainly arrange packages for guests that dream of visiting Madikwe Game reserve or Pilanesberg National Park.
I enjoy working online and planning people’s holidays for them.
The best part of my day is dealing with happy clients.

Travel Consultant

I’m passionate about making a difference. When I’m involved with a project at work, I want to do my best to achieve success. I feel the same way about everything I do in my personal life. I always try to be a better person and to be happy and full of smiles and laughter.
My sister started working at Biggestleaf Travel 3 months before I started working here. Quina always came home smiling and raving about her fantastic place of work. I really wanted to be a part of such an awesome team that left one feeling so inspired and content – it didn’t take me long to request an interview with Robert.
I am a travel consultant for Pilanesberg National Park.

I sell various types of accommodation and also do transfers to and from the Pilanesberg.

I enjoy assisting my clients and finding them the perfect accommodation that suits their needs.

I especially enjoy last minute bookings, as I always love taking on a challenge.

What I enjoy most is when I work with happy clients and get valuable feedback. I enjoy making a lot of bookings, and feel motivated when I am able to beat my target from the previous day. I also love the fact that all our colleagues get along so well and that our work environment is a happy one.

Travel Consultant

I am passionate about travel, music, cooking, animals, quality time spent with friends and family and finding a good balance of all these special things.
I was referred to Biggestleaf Travel by a close friend of mine, she told me her awesome company was looking for a new consultant and well, here I am.
Our key role as travel consultants is to plan and book holidays for our clients so that they can effortlessly experience some of the most amazing holiday destinations our beautiful country has to offer.
Travelling through beautiful South Africa, and experiencing the bush are two things I feel everyone should have the chance to enjoy. I love being able to offer our guests the opportunity to see and experience everything that comes with being in the bush and our amazing country. From the delicious food and incredibly vast wildlife to the spectacular African sunsets, we sure do have it all.
As we spend most of our day at work, it is very important to me to have a great environment and team to work with – Biggestleaf Travel definitely has both of these. From the quirky office characters to our awesome coffee station, each day is a pleasant one.

Travel Consultant

I am passionate about family, the outdoors and the African Bush.
A friend told me about this amazing company and their amazing work ethic and values. When the opportunity arose, I couldn’t let it pass me by.
I assist clients with accommodation, transfers, game viewing activities and safari packages within the Pilanesberg National Park.
As I’ve been able to experience the amazing African bush, I wouldn’t be doing anything other than assisting everyone else to experience what I have. It’s totally indescribable until one has been there.
I love everything about my entire day. I love being busy and the amazing team work makes everyday worthwhile.

Travel Consultant

I am passionate about baking, the outdoors, camping, my family and helping others.
I loved the equality between staff and found a level of trust and openness between all of them.  You have the space to be yourself while doing what you love. No matter what your job description is, if you have an opinion towards helping the company grow it will be a valued opinion.
I am a travel consultant for Pilanesberg National Park, I help clients book their accommodation and activities within the park. I also make sure that every single detail of their trip is taken care of to the best of my ability.
I love helping people to have the most memorable experience while travelling. Since I love being outdoors, seeking for adventures, helping others tick off their travelling dreams from their bucket list couldn’t make me happier.
Since I am at the Biggestleaf office for most of my day, it is important to have a great environment and team to work with – Both of which Biggestleaf Travel has without a doubt.  Amazing staff with characteristics that will have you laughing and grinning the entire day.

Travel Consultant

I’m incredibly passionate about my country and regularly describe myself as ‘proudly South African’! I love living here, but also believe it’s a wonderful holiday destination with so much to offer. Sharing my passion for my special home is one of my favourite things about the job I do.
I loved the equality between staff and found a level of trust and openness between all of them.  You have the space to be yourself while doing what you love. No matter what your job description is, if you have an opinion towards helping the company grow it will be a valued opinion.
I am a travel consultant, focusing mainly on booking guests into the Pilanesberg Game Reserve. I help and assist clients in planning and choosing their accommodation and arrange transfers as well as various activities that are available to guests.
Going on a holiday is not just an experience, it’s a memory and for some, it’s a life changing experience. I love being able to assist people in creating their dream vacation. It makes me happy to know I’ve played a positive role in their travel experience.
The environment you are in and the people you are surrounded by, determine the kind of day you are going to have. So, every day is a good day at Biggestleaf Travel.

Travel Consultant

I am passionate about soccer, travelling, music and helping others.
I was searching for a new opportunity and I came across this dynamic company. I was immediately drawn to their corporate ID through their logo, but after meeting the team and watching how they go about their daily work, I knew it was a place I would love to come to every day – the daily inspiration is real!
As a travel consultant I am working closely with the golf tours division. I update the itineraries and packages to offer guests only the best travel solutions.
It has been my dream to be part of this industry simply because I’m someone who likes to help others, especially when it comes to travelling and exploring new things. My dream is to travel all over Africa and abroad to learn about other people and their cultures. Travel offers so much to an individual, it’s a wonderful way to learn about new things.
Since I started working at Biggestleaf Travel – it’s felt like a warm and inviting environment. Everyone is so welcoming and willing to help one another. We are a family who come to work to work towards a common goal of offering our clients the best possible booking service and holidays.

Travel Consultant

My passion is such a cliché “Love, Peace and Happiness. In everything that I do, I do it with Love. Finding peace within myself allows the universe to bring peace to me. Then there’s happiness, I always go out of my way to find my happiness every day. Whether it is a song, person or something as simple the weather.
A friend emailed me out of the blue and said the Biggestleaf will be great for you and when I arrived the aura I felt was so amazing it gave me Goosebumps. From there I knew I met my new family.
As a travel consultant for the Pilanesberg National Park, my role is to ensure I can make bookings for our clients with no hassles and leaving that everlasting experience.
I love helping people and have been doing it for years, it gives me pleasure knowing that I get to make someone happy by creating a dream vacation.
The best part of my day is knowing that I made a client happy.

Travel Consultant

I am passionate about life and  spending time with my kids. I love meeting new people and sharing life experiences, especially if its over a lovely meal, yes  I’m passionate about food too. Nature is very close to my heart and I feel really blessed to be working in this field.
I heard so many amazing things about this company and I jumped at the opportunity to apply. The energy at Biggestleaf Travel is more like family and everyone accepts you just the way you are. The added bonus is I live within walking distance to our offices so I get to sleep a bit later.
The service we offer is unique to each client’s needs and we take the time to understand what experiences the guest is looking for and we do our best to match that within the clients budget. That being said I must also say that you can’t put a price on memories, cos they will last a lifetime.
I love travelling and spent a few years doing international travels but nothing compares to our beautiful Country. I  boast about everything we have to offer cause nothing compares to seeing the Big 5 and the gorgeous Lodges we offer. A wise man once said…if you do what you love then you will never work a day in your life.
We spend most of the day in the office and its really great that everyone is so different but accepting. The time goes bye so quickly when you enjoy what you doing.

Tours Team


Operations Manager

Meeting interesting people from around the world and hearing their stories.
It was a great opportunity to start something different.
My role involves looking after our drivers, vehicles and making sure everything runs smoothly and the guest have a good, safe trip.
I enjoy working with my team to create a professional and friendly operation for our clients to ensure their holiday goes smoothly and hassle-free.
Breakfast, and then chatting to guests about their experiences.


Interacting with different people from different societies and cultures. I enjoy exchanging ideas and having engaging conversations!
I didn’t choose Biggestleaf, instead, it chose me! I was introduced to the company through a colleague and I’ve never looked back!
My role involves working as a transfer driver and I assist our operations manager when he needs an extra pair of hands.
Because am passionate about what I do and I love interacting with other people from all different walks of life!
When I see the happy faces of our guests as I drop them off and they tell me how fantastic their vacation was.


I am passionate about ensuring the safety of our guests and I always aim to serve them with pride.
I choose Biggestleaf Tours because it is the best tourism company I’ve ever known. But more than a company it feels like home, we are a family here!
My role entails working together with our guests to ensure they reach their final destinations smiling.  My role also entails a good attitude, towards them and others; being more patient makes my job more enjoyable!
Travel and tourism is what I love to do. I experience so much and get to know different cultures and places and see new things every day!
Collecting my guests and transferring them to their destinations in a safe manner, makes for the best day! Their happiness means a lot to me!


I’m want to see Biggestleaf Tours rated as the number one tour company in South Africa, through our sheer hard work, good service and positive reputation!
Honestly, I was attracted by the beautiful branding on their cars, and I wanted to learn more about the tourism industry.
Providing excellent service to our clients by way of punctual, safe and comfortable transfer.
I want to uplift my company’s name by all means and I want to see Biggestleaf Tours as the top transfer company as time goes on and people learn more about us!
Providing good service to my clients and seeing them leave them with what seems to be, an everlasting smile.


Driving, and in this case, transporting my clients to their preferred destinations safely and punctually. I am driven to acquire more skills and learn more through informative interaction.
This company is driven by ensuring that its clients and employees are satisfied, by providing effective and efficient service/benefits through management styles. It’s so great to work for a company that truly values you!
Transportation of clients to their desired destinations and providing as much information as possible in an ethical and professional manner. I also represent the company (Biggestleaf Tours) I work for, hence I am, knowledgeable, skilful and in always proudly in uniform when on duty!
For personal growth in terms of knowledge, skills and experience. And, for the love of tourism as I get to meet people and drive to see new places.
Knowing that I was able to make a good impression and assist our clients on their dream holiday.  Receiving a big smile and a huge thank you is what makes my day; it means I have completed a successful mission!


I am passionate about my country, it is so beautiful and there is so much sight-seeing to do!
We work as a great team in this company, everyone cares for each other!
I transfer guests from all over the world, to their destinations of choice. I like to share my knowledge and passion for SA with them!
I do what I do because I love working with people. I love meeting and greeting guests with big smiles! Sometimes I am even asked to teach our African languages, it’s wonderful!
Providing the good service to my clients and knowing they are satisfied.


I love travelling and meeting people from different countries, and this job presented the opportunity for both!
Working for Biggestleaf is fantastic because we are a family here, we look after each other and work together for the growth of our company as well as ourselves. There is a profound sense of ‘togetherness’ here.
Their passion. Biggestleaf has an enormous amount of passion and dedication when striving for excellence in the service they provide their clients. It’s incredible to be a part of such a motivated team, a team that doesn’t compromise their service delivery.
I must say I have had some interesting questions regarding the wildlife and who cares for them within the national parks and reserves. I sometimes need to explain that the animals are completely wild, no one cleans up after them like domestic animals.
That we are a passionate nation, that is very proud of their country!

Development Team


Design & Development

I love to be creative and come up with innovative ideas and designs whether it be for websites / marketing / music or woodwork. I am also passionate about travel, safaris, wildlife photography and going for a cruise on my bike.
Biggestleaf Travel is a combination of the things I already love doing and it’s great to be a part of the team with similar interests and goals.
I am responsible for development and updating of the website, designs for display Ads, Newsletters etc. I also stay on top of the latest development and design trends to make sure we are always innovative.
I have always been interested in design from an early age and being able to create something that not only looks good but also serves a purpose. So, I followed my passion and learnt how to write code and combine it with design.
The comradery with my coworkers. We all work hard and play hard together creating a great working environment to be in.

Junior Project Manager

My passion for people, nature and travel knows no bounds. I believe travel is the University of Life, it brings wisdom knowledge and admiration. Not only do I live for the experience, but I live to share these experiences. Using creativity to inspire and educate others about the unseen beauty of our world is where my true passion lies.
Everything is so green! Not only did I love the colourful and open atmosphere, there was an electric energy fused with ambition and passion that caught my attention immediately. I knew this innovative and creative space is where I could reach my full potential. I felt like a kid getting a pass to go to Disneyland every day!
I am the Junior content writer, so I write and write and write some more! I’m also a helping hand to those in need, I dabble between managing social media, writing blogs and coming up with new marketing strategies. This is literally my dream job…
I might not be the biggest socialite when it comes to real life, you know like face-to-face kind of stuff which can be tricky since I love interacting with people, but I found a happy compromise – writing. It might not be actual human interaction, but make no mistake writing leaves you just as exposed to the world as a conversation between people could. I love writing and I believe in sharing knowledge and passion to inspire others. Which is why I do what I do, for a company that believes in these values just as much as I do…
The best part of my day would be when I arrive at work. Feeling excited for the new day to begin and for the new challenges to overcome, knowing that my team is ready to teach me all I need to know and answer my every question – helping me to progress and becoming the best version of me.

Search Marketing Specialist


Junior Product Assistant

My first passion these days is my little family. I strive to be the best mom and wife I can be, and I am working hard at raising respectable little humans.

I also love learning, expanding my knowledge is so important. As the saying goes “knowledge is power”. Meeting new people everywhere I go is also something I am passionate about – I love engaging and chatting to people about where they’ve been and the magic they’ve experienced along the way.

I was introduced to the company by a friend of mine who also works within the team. On arrival at the office, I instantly felt comfortable in the calm, the inspiring and happy environment that’s been created here.

It’s such a relaxed vibe that, right then and there I knew this would be my perfect new home away from home.

As a Junior Product Assistant, my role is to assist our product manager with anything product related including comparing products and details of other industry players to ensure our competitive edge.
I’ve always been interested in the tourism industry and the beautiful places that you get to see and discover at the various guesthouses, lodges and hotels. Then, of course, there’s the wildlife, oh the wildlife – I couldn’t ask for a more intriguing and beautiful field to work in! When your job is no longer “work” you know you have found exactly where you were meant to be.
I would have to say the best part of my day is mid-morning when I’m having my first cappuccino (pure joy) and we all in our work zone.

It’s nice a quiet, with that fresh breeze coming in from my window that’s overlooks the surrounding mountains – it’s pure peace and a very happy place for me!