Eye of the Pangolin

Biggestleaf Travel is proud to have co-produced Eye of The Pangolin, a powerful documentary aimed at raising awareness about the critical situation faced by the African Pangolin.

In 2017, award-winning film-makers Bruce Young (co-director of Blood Lions) and Johan Vermeulen (Kalahari Tails) approached Biggestleaf Travel wanting to make a film capturing all four species of the African Pangolin on camera for the very first time. We gladly provided the initial support which enabled them to start filming and funded the first shoot in Ghana. The film-makers then partnered with Pangolin.Africa, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation of the African Pangolin, to raise the remaining funding that allowed them to complete the film.

The African Pangolin is a shy, defenceless animal, which many people have never heard about and few have ever had the fortune of seeing. These curious creatures are being pushed towards the edge of extinction due to the illegal trade of their scales, which are used in traditional African and Asian medicines. Experts estimate that one pangolin is poached from the wild every five minutes.

Premiered on World Endangered Species Day, 17th May 2019, the film is now freely available for anyone to view on YouTube. By making the film freely available the aim is to reach the greatest possible number of viewers. If people come to know the African Pangolin we believe that they will care enough to somehow help put a stop to the horrific trade.

The goal is to make Eye of the Pangolin the most widely watched wildlife documentary ever, via free online platforms, through schools and other educational establishments, at wildlife film festivals, and at screenings supported other conservation organisations everywhere.

Please take the time to watch this documentary and share it far and wide.

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