Biggestleaf Tours & Transfers

Choosing Biggestleaf Transfers as part of your safari experience means opting for a reliable and safe transport service to take care of all your point-to-point travel needs.

We understand that a first impression goes a long way, which is why we put great emphasis on prompt and stress-free service to keep our customers coming back.

Why Choose Biggestleaf Transfers

  • Our clients’ safety and comfort is our first priority and we NEVER cut corners in this regard.
  • We operate our own transfers and tours with fully-licensed vehicles and drivers. Our drivers also attend mandatory, specialised driving courses to ensure passenger safety.
  • Our relevant insurance cover includes R100 million passenger liability insurance, and PAX-Sure insurance of R1.5 million.
  • Our insurance underwriter is Lloyds of London –  highly reputable and reliable.

Our Values

  • To provide an impeccable transfer service for all our guests, ensuring a safe, comfortable and reliable passage.
  • To maintain the highest standard of quality with our vehicles, and keep them regularly serviced.
  • Understanding that the needs of each individual client varies and that their requirements are met with the highest level of service.

Meet The Team

Our drivers are extremely proficient in what they do – each licensed and qualified in advanced driving as well as being experienced with transporting passengers.

Friendly and reliable, our team is also extremely passionate about what we do.

Additionally, the Biggestleaf Transfers team are highly-knowledgeable about the best routes to reach your destination, and about all of the attractions en route, to help personalise every step of your journey.


Operations Manager

Meeting interesting people from around the world and hearing their story.
It was a great opportunity to start something different.
Looking after the drivers, cars and making sure all goes smoothly and the guest have a good safe trip.
I enjoy working with my team to create a professional and friendly operation for our clients to ensure their holiday goes smoothly and hassle free.
Breakfast and then chatting to guests about their experiences.


Interacting with different people from different societies and cultures. I enjoy exchanging ideas and having engaging conversations!
I didn’t choose Biggestleaf, instead, it chose me! I was introduced to the company through a colleague and I’ve never looked back!
My role involves working as a transfer driver and I assist our operations manager when he needs an extra pair of hands.
Because am passionate about what I do and I love interacting with other people from all different walks of life!
When I see the happy faces of our guests as I drop them off and they tell me how fantastic their vacation was.


I am passionate about ensuring the safety of our guests and I always aim to serve them with pride.
I chose Biggestleaf Tours because it is the best tourism company I’ve ever known. But more than a company it feels like home, we are a family here!
My role entails working together with our guests to ensure they reach their final destinations smiling.  My role also entails a good attitude, towards them and others; being more patient makes my job more enjoyable!
Travel and tourism is what I love to do. I experience so much and get to know different cultures and places and see new things every day!
Collecting my guests and transferring them to their destinations in a safe manner, makes for the best day! Their happiness means a lot to me!


I’m want to see Biggestleaf Tours rated as the number one tour company in South Africa, through our sheer hard work, good service and positive reputation!
Honestly, I was attracted by the beautiful branding on their cars, and I wanted to learn more about the tourism industry.
Providing excellent service to our clients by way of punctual, safe and comfortable transfer.
I want to uplift my company’s name by all means and I want to see Biggestleaf Tours as the top transfer company as time goes on and people learn more about us!
Providing good service to my clients and seeing them leave them with what seems to be, an everlasting smile.


Driving, and in this case, transporting my clients to their preferred destinations safely and punctually. I am driven to acquire more skills and learn more through informative interaction.
This company is driven by ensuring that its clients and employees are satisfied, by providing effective and efficient service/benefits through management styles. It’s so great to work for a company that truly values you!
Transportation of clients to their desired destinations and providing as much information as possible in an ethical and professional manner. I also represent the company (Biggestleaf Tours) I work for, hence I am, knowledgeable, skilful and in always proudly in uniform when on duty!
For personal growth in terms of knowledge, skills and experience. And, for the love of tourism as I get to meet people and drive to see new places.
Knowing that I was able to make a good impression and assist our clients on their dream holiday.  Receiving a big smile and a huge thank you is what makes my day; it means I have completed a successful mission!


I am passionate about my country, it is so beautiful and there is so much sight-seeing to do!
We work as a great team in this company, everyone cares for each other!
I transfer guests from all over the world, to their destinations of choice. I like to share my knowledge and passion for SA with them!
I do what I do because I love working with people. I love meeting and greeting guests with big smiles! Sometimes I am even asked to teach our African languages, it’s wonderful!
Providing good service to my clients and knowing they are satisfied with their transfer.


I love travelling and meeting people from different countries, and this job presented the opportunity for both!
Working for Biggestleaf is fantastic because we are a family here, we look after each other and work together for the growth of our company as well as ourselves. There is a profound sense of ‘togetherness’ here.
Their passion. Biggestleaf has an enormous amount of passion and dedication when striving for excellence in the service they provide their clients. It’s incredible to be a part of such a motivated team, a team that doesn’t compromise their service delivery.
I must say I have had some interesting questions regarding the wildlife and who cares for them within the national parks and reserves. I sometimes need to explain that the animals are completely wild, no one cleans up after them like domestic animals.
That we are a passionate nation, that is very proud of their country!

The Vehicles

When choosing Biggestleaf Transfers for your getaway, you can expect a comfortable, air-conditioned and secure passage. We own a fleet of regularly-serviced vehicles specifically chosen for their space, comfort and safety.

The fleet are regularly put through safety and roadworthy tests to ensure that we provide our guests with only the best transfer experience. Fully-insured by Lloyds of London, we offer a risk-free and convenient service that puts the well-being of our guests first.

To provide the best transfer service is paramount to the team – the glowing reviews we receive from our customers speak volumes about our endeavour to create a lasting impression.

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